Ankle Instability

Imagine having a wedding to attend and planning out the perfect outfit, only for your ankle to give out when you put on your shoes…poor timing? Or if a small misstep on an uneven surface sends your ankle out in a spin? If this is constantly happening to you, with constant ankle sprains and always…

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Taking care of your feet on an Active Holiday

You could probably get away with mostly sitting during non-holiday periods. This is especially true if your job involves sitting at a desk for most of the day. Regardless of your job description, add an active holiday to the mix and you’ll find yourself walking all over the place, which can lead to discomfort or…

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Why you may need Orthotics

A great number of people with varying levels of foot discomfort or ailments have not taken advantage of the readily available solutions to their plight. Most have had to live with these conditions and the challenges they come with, and for no need. This is because they are either unaware of the role of podiatrists…

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Picture of Nike Go Flyease shoe

Footwear Innovation: Nike Flyease

Nike has become a household name whether it be for sportswear, sponsoring the biggest athletes in the world or creating the shoe that Eliud Kipchoge used to break the incredible two hour mark for a marathon. Nike have recently released new innovations that make life easier for those with mobility issues. Flyease is Nikes’ new…

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How to Strengthen your Feet

If you’ve ever experienced pain or injury to your feet, then you’ll understand just how difficult it is to have such an important part of your body in bad shape. The feet are in use nearly all day and are exposed to serious amounts of friction; keeping them strong is essential for your wellbeing. When…

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